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Earthen Warrior is available for private natural dye classes, Pop-Ups, wellness, corporate, or retail events and anything else you can dream up!

A typical dye workshop consists of about 3-5 different natural dye substances that are used to color a textile. This would be any of the items on the Natural Dyes page such as medicinal flowers, turmeric, chlorophyll, onion skins or indigo. The participants are invited to bring stained or tired clothing from home to reinvigorate with natural color. We can provide objects for dyeing such as a silk scarf, a tote bag, a silk pillowcase or another useful or wearable object. Susanna teaches about the natural dye process and encourages students to get their hands in the color and explore. Some tie-dye techniques are taught to create interesting patterns on the fabric. We can also incorporate different flower dyeing techniques such as hapazome (flower pressing) and bundle dyeing where flower petals are steamed onto fabric.

Classes can be tailored to the setting and theme with colors, techniques, and duration.

In addition to classes, we do wholesale natural dye orders, and specialized natural dye projects.

If you would like to discuss an idea, please reach out to Susanna at or via the contact page.